wedding security

What You Need to Know About Wedding Security

In the case of cancellations, incidents, and unforeseen circumstances, how can you safeguard your wedding?

Whether you’ve spent months or years planning every detail of your wedding, you have one thing in common. No matter the timing, no one wants anything to go wrong with any aspect of their wedding. The ways in which you spend money on your wedding and the reasons for doing so are distinct from any other purchase you’ve made before and will make in the future. There’s also a unifying thread: You need to safeguard your purchase!

Today, we’re going over the five simple actions you can take to safeguard your wedding no matter how things go or what happens along the road. Continue reading below to learn more!

Hire Someone You Can Trust

It may appear to be a no-brainer to avoid having any questionable employees on board for your wedding, but it’s worth mentioning. Only hire people you can trustfully! Check out each vendor’s website and look for any red flags. A lack of activity, a broken website, or an outdated email address or phone number are all factors that might signal a problem. Also, don’t be afraid to inquire about previous couples’ experiences. It’s always a fantastic method to check out someone by contacting other people who have worked with the expert! Finally, contact wedding professionals on the phone to talk with them in person. Emails may always be changed to make them seem more genuine, but talking face-to-face really helps you hear how the individual sounds and responds in real-time.

Read Your Contracts

Contracts are often lengthy, and there’s always a temptation to just put your name on the dotted line. However, that is one of the biggest mistakes you can make! Take the time to go through all of your contracts thoroughly. Make sure that all of your names, wedding date, venue, payment information, and so on are correctly documented throughout the document. If you find any errors, write a note to the expert and ask for a new version of the contract. Then read it again! Recognize that a contract is a legally enforceable document, therefore you should only sign if you agree with all of the information stated within.

Protect Your Services

With the world adapting to a cashless society, bills are quickly becoming obsolete. You don’t want to pay your wedding day vendors in this manner, so you should avoid it at all costs. Whenever feasible, utilize credit cards. Note: We aren’t suggesting you spend more than you can afford. Instead, credit card payments give a method to safeguard your purchases and challenge any charges that you believe are incorrect. While it’s fine for handing cash to friends so they can reimburse you for bachelorette party expenses and the like, Venmo should never be utilized in business transactions, such as payments to your wedding vendors.

Email, Email, And So On

While we do advise making phone calls with your wedding specialists as needed, emailing your vendor team is crucial. This is especially vital before signing contracts and booking weddings. Even though they may be electronic, emails have a permanent paper trail that can be used to document all of your interactions. Planning specifics, the wedding day schedule, and even post-event communications are all included in this category.

Disputing something that was stated in person or over the phone might lead to a he-said-she-said debate, but writing allows you to point directly to what should and shouldn’t be happening. If you must talk on the phone, send a note recapping your conversation with any important points after the call for confirmation.

Wedding Insurance Is a Good Idea

You’ve scouted out all of your wedding professionals and planned every detail of your day, so you undoubtedly have a burning desire for everything to go well! We’re right there with you. Purchase a wedding day insurance coverage to safeguard yourself against the unexpected.