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How to Downsize Your Wedding Guest List In a Convenient Way During COVID-19

One of the most important lessons we’ve all learned throughout COVID-19’s epidemic is that things can change at any moment. Restrictions may be put in place to keep us (and our loved ones) safe, and they can just as quickly be removed. Weeks and months may make a significant difference! As a result, arranging a wedding during a pandemic is difficult, to say the least.

Couples are now making new choices, such as downsizing their wedding or putting it off, owing to the epidemic’s duration into most of 2021.

Safety First: 

Rather than dwelling on the fact that your ideal wedding may not occur, consider how safe you, your spouse, and your guests will be during the occasion.

At its most basic, a wedding is a party (albeit a very special one). Even if you have a fantastic time at your party right now, the repercussions might break your heart. The second you learn that someone who attended your event has contracted the illness, the pleasure you felt may be overshadowed. Allow us to put it bluntly: it’s not worth it.

By caring for your friends and family, you are doing your part to help them stay healthy by keeping them safe in the future. As much as it may sting right now, future gatherings and more time spent together over the years to come will make this choice worth its weight in gold.

Decide When You Have the Time to Spare:

Regulations and limitations in cities and states are always changing and shifting, as we previously stated. As a result, the appeal to postpone making a formal wedding choice is real. And we completely understand why! However, we urge you not to put it off too long.

The more time you wait to announce your wedding is downsizing, the more work you’ll have to do to reverse the arrangements you’ve made. If you already sent out invites and need to send a “change of plans” notice, for example, you must inform everyone who received a formal invitation. However, if you make the decision to change course sooner rather than later, things become much easier and likely less expensive.

Furthermore, downsizing early allows you to avoid having guests waste time discussing whether or not they should go. This is especially crucial for visitors who will have to travel long distances to arrive.

We’re past the one-year mark of the epidemic, so we can usually anticipate where things are heading. Even if things change, making a decision to host an intimate or micro wedding allows you to move ahead with confidence rather than hitting the panic button days or weeks before you get married.

Limit Social Media:

Many of us would like to experience meeting friends and relatives in person, as well as participating in social gatherings. The guests who will not be able to attend your wedding day may feel as though they have been deprived of something special. Consider asking the people planning to attend your wedding day to limit how much they post on social media so that feelings are taken into account. It’s fine to share a few photographs on Instagram, but an Instagram feed brimming with wedding pictures will create FOMO.

Look To The Future:

The good news is that hope is on the horizon, and we should be entering a new normal at any moment. Love will not be stopped, and gatherings will resume in the future. So, keep your eyes forward!

Consider holding an anniversary party a year or two later. While the date may not be your wedding day, the significance is that you’re with your closest friends. And it’s the people who will (finally!) surround you who make you smile when you do gather.