creative wedding photography

Here’s a List of Ways to Alter Your Shot List for a Wedding

With these somewhat less conventional wedding photographs, you may satisfy your creative side. You must please the bride and groom with the photos you know they desire for their wedding album, but you can also express your own creativity with shots they never could have imagined on their own.

To put this collection of one-of-a-kind, fascinating, and somewhat offbeat wedding photo lists together, we went through hundreds of wedding portfolio sites. That’s a fine line to walk, but these 11 professional wedding photographers prove that it’s viable and inspiring.

Use these ideas as a framework to help you think differently about photography no matter where you are or what kind of event you’re working on. Our collection of wedding photo possibilities can come in handy at any time when you’re stuck in a wedding photography rut and want to break out into your creative, expressive, client-pleasing self. Take a look at our list of the best wedding photographers for more wedding picture inspiration.

Form a concept of the moment.

Weddings are usually events, but they’re also occasions to mark the joining of two individuals in love. Take a shot when you don’t have your camera with you and capture symbols of celebration the new couple won’t want to forget: a toast, hands in the air, and feet on the dance floor, an embrace, or applause from family and friends.

Shoot action shots in the middle of a wedding celebration.

According to customs and even the basic size of a wedding, the most action-packed moments can appear in a variety of ways. Dancing isn’t your only choice for capturing an activity photographs.

Use texture and textiles to your advantage.

It might be tough to shake up a classic as the kissing couple wedding photograph. For just a second, envelop the pair in their own wedding environment beneath the bride’s transparent white veil.

Make use of empty space.

Make good use of negative space to make the couple stand out. The focus is on the photograph subjects when the composition is kept basic here.

Let the couple laugh together.

It’s a challenging task for any wedding party that isn’t used to modeling and looking good in front of the camera.

Have fun with the details.

Add a colorful guest to show off stars-and-stripes socks, which will highlight otherwise overlooked details.

It’s all about the light.

Show how getting out in the sunlight at the ideal hour, playing with light and time of day, and using a touch of lens flare can breathe new life into classic wedding photographs.

Allow the group dynamics to come out.

The best of group dynamics may come out at even the tiniest weddings. Bringing forth the distinctions between the wedding party members might produce amusing and memorable photographs that put attention on the couple’s friends and family for a moment.

Create custom levels for different group shots.

When all of your bridesmaids, groomsmen, and wedding party photographs begin to look alike, consider adding levels into your shot for an unexpected group shoot.

Change your perspective.

To add a little spice to your group photographs, consider shooting from an unusual angle. To capture the entire gathering, seek a high-up perch. The wedding photo produced is every aspect of an important moment meticulously chronicled.

Make the most of your surroundings.

Many outdoor weddings provide a wealth of unusual photo possibilities. All you need is a ladder and two climbers who are willing to climb for the perfect photograph.