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Do I Need a Wedding Drone for My Special Day?

Do I require drone coverage at my wedding? This is a very frequent question that couples ask. Mary Angelini of Key Moment Films gave us her top advice for our couples who are interested in learning more about wedding drone video filming.

Including drone coverage in your wedding video package may provide additional spectacular scenes that add to the cinematic atmosphere of a wedding film. If you’re thinking about including drone filming in your wedding video, here are some things to ask the wedding videographer and factors to consider when having drone coverage at your ceremony.

Epic Shots

Epic, panoramic view of the venue with cinematographic perspective shots. Add some production by photographing you and your date from above using a drone. The greenery, picturesque views of the environment, and architectural landmarks are where the drone photographs truly shine.

Not-So-Epic Shots

Consider yourself walking down the aisle, to the heartwarming sound of… a thousand buzzing bees.

Drones are noisier than you may believe. When you have a drone flying overhead, this is the case. For ceremonies and other formal gatherings where your visitors are present, we strongly advise against using drone coverage. It’s against FAA rules to have drones fly over a large gathering of people because it causes discomfort for them. Let’s keep the massive images to yourself so that your guests don’t have to endure the sounds of an oncoming biblical plague.

Venue Rules and Restrictions

Every wedding venue has its own restrictions on when and where drone flights may be done. Some facilities don’t allow drone flights on the premises at all. Check with your destination about any limitations and inform your videographer.

Using Airplane Mode

Did you know that before filming a wedding, videographers must obtain a pilot’s license? It’s called a Remote Pilot Certificate or FAA part 107 permit.

The certification procedure is difficult, and the FAA must do a federal background check before allowing a videographer to transport commercially. Make sure your video crew has this license – there are no excuses.

Timeline Hints

Drones are ideal for sweeping overhead shots of you two during the photo shoot.

They can get some amazing photographs of the two of you from above. These photos are generally wide and sweeping in terms of composition. They may require a little more coordination with the photographer to capture them..

During your portrait session, we recommend you notify your photographer about the need of obtaining drone photographs. This will also let your photographer know how they should arrange their session with you. Talk to your wedding planner and photographer about adding time during your portrait session so that there are no feelings of rushing through it. “We despised having so much time for photos and video,” as the saying goes. no one ever said this before.

Weather and Airspace Conditions

A drone may be grounded for a variety of reasons, including high winds, fog, low visibility, or rain. The airspace is also important. In certain locations, such as near The Mouse or an airport or helipad, some areas are no-fly zones. Then there are temporary flight restrictions like those imposed when the President or another top dignitary visits the area.

It’s important to inform your filmmaker about drones and flight space. They’ll be able to tell you what is safe airspace for flying.

The Weather Alternative

If the weather is bad, see if your videographer can return another day to get alternative drone footage of the venue or nearby areas. It may be

How Much Does It Cost?

Each wedding video company has its own guidelines regarding drones. According to a recent poll, videographers charge between $350 and $600 for the use of drones. Many businesses include it in their package and have increased their overall prices to compensate for the drone, resulting in an increase in the cost of a drone. In the end, you are still paying for the services of amazing cinematic shots for your wedding.