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This Is What Real Couples Spend Their Wedding Photography Money On

While most to-be-weds will likely agree that beautiful wedding photographs are required, there’s no doubting that expensive reception snacks or elaborate floral centerpieces are a must. While the usual wedding photographer cost is often on the pricey side, it’s expenditure couples don’t typically neglect. Of course, how you distribute your wedding budget is determined by the aspects of your event that are most vital to you. Finding a wonderful photographer, on the other hand, is an important job because you’ll want to recall your wedding day for years to come. The cost of a wedding photographer varies from vendor to service offered, so you’ll have to select a professional that suits your specific demands. However, if you want an idea of how much a wedding photographer costs in general, we’ve got you covered. Continue reading to learn what typical couples spend on wedding photography these days.

The average wedding photographer cost is $2,400 according to internal research of over 27,000 couples that married in 2019. Photography is one of the most popular wedding vendors, with almost 90% of couples hiring a photographer. When it came to spending more on their photographer, nearly half (47%) of all couples boosted their original budget after they began planning.

Sixty percent of couples believe that a photographer’s style is the most crucial consideration when selecting someone to work with. This may have an impact on wedding photography costs. When looking for vendors, it’s critical to inquire about services beyond the basics. Some photographers may provide bulk packages as well as other elements of the wedding ceremony and reception. The cost of a wedding photographer is dependent on many factors, including the number of hours worked before and after the wedding as well as how many images you obtain at the conclusion. Keep track of what you’re getting with your potential package. Some photographers will give you raw files if the wedding is over, while others may provide edited pictures, organized albums, or portfolios for a price. The cost of wedding photographers is determined by a variety of factors, therefore a thorough study is required. The Knot Marketplace, for example, can help you connect with potential vendors based on their services, pricing estimates, and style of work.

Whatever you pay, you’ll get a lot of enjoyment out of your wedding photographs for years to come. The vendor will ship your photos three to twelve weeks following the wedding. So, while you should definitely share your favorite photographs on Instagram (and thank your professional!), you can begin planning how you want to utilize them now. To exhibit your finest photographs from the wedding, many new couples produce a wedding photo album. You may also print them out to be framed, put them on a canvas wall print gallery, or give them as gifts for family members if you’re getting digital picture files. You may also use them as greeting cards for the first holiday season as a married couple. The sky’s the limit when it comes to displaying your wedding photographs, but be careful how you display them after the wedding since they are an investment.

The average wedding photographer cost has remained consistent since 2016, although it’s worth noting that this figure represents the entire country. Prices will vary based on location and the services you choose to participate in. You have the option of going all-out with your wedding photographs and paying for the most expensive package—or having a loved one take them at a fraction of the price. Finally, it is up to you to discover a vendor in the price range that works best for your budget. Regardless of what you pick, wedding photographs are something you’ll be able to keep and treasure forever—and that’s priceless.