5 Things to Ask a Wedding Videographer

5 Things to Ask a Wedding Videographer

It is critical to hire a wedding video shooter for your special day. This is because, after the event is over, you’ll have memories to revisit and recall in the videos captured of the wedding. But how can you be confident that you’ve chosen the appropriate videographer? We feel that it’s important to establish a personal connection with our couples before shooting their big day so we can capture it as they truly remember it. This is why we propose having an open discussion so you may ask the following questions:

#1 Do you have prior wedding video production experience?

It’s important to place this at the top of your list when it comes to discussing things with your video producer since we understand how much peace of mind is important. Couples need to know that their wedding day will be captured well. After all, these are the memories from your wedding day we’re talking about!

#2 What is the best style for you in filmmaking?

There are a variety of videography styles to select from at weddings, depending on the couple’s tastes. Some videographers specialize in one particular style, so pick one that matches your preferences.

Do you have no idea what sort of wedding video style you want? There are several wedding videography suggestions that might assist you in deciding which one is ideal for you, but the following are some of the most popular styles available:


This technique is all about recording the rawness of your wedding day, catching spontaneous moments as they develop.


This is a type of filming that simply covers the wedding ceremony and reception.

Short Form

This is a three- to five-minute segment that shows a brief rundown of the three major parts of your wedding day: getting ready, ceremony, and reception.


Slow-motion, stunning aerial shots, moving voice-over sections, and spectacular transitions are all used in this style of filming to capture the overall themes and emotions of your marriage.


It’s a style that may be used with cinematic wedding videography, but it often relies on voice audio narrating the narrative in the background, or a style that uses text to emphasize their love story.

#3 How will you make it as personal as possible?

When it comes to hiring a wedding videographer, it’s desirable if they intend to make the recording as personal as possible. We understand the importance of hearing the couple’s preferences and dislikes in order to develop a video that is genuine and unique to them.

#4 What are some of your wedding video filming ideas that we may use?

What is the optimal length for your first kiss to be recorded so that it may be captured appropriately? What positions should you hold for a longer period of time? It’s comforting to know that the filmmaker will assist you in making the most magical cinematic representation possible.

#5 How many other people will there be on hand to assist your wedding videographer?

Although one person may be able to capture a lot of moments, it is more likely that you’ll need more than one for this. When hiring a wedding videographer, it’s a good idea to talk about this as well.