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What You Must Know About Pre-Wedding Photography Before the Big Day

What Is the Definition of a Pre-wedding or Engagement Shoot?

A pre-wedding shoot, also known as an engagement session, is a photo shoot that takes place three to six months prior to the wedding day. Though many couples believe they need a pre-wedding shoot, others feel it’s a waste of money and has no purpose. They might be incorrect in that opinion.

Engagement sessions may assist you in a variety of ways. For example, it allows you to establish a good rapport with your photographer, especially if you’re using the same person to shoot your wedding day. You’ll be more at ease with your photographer and learn his or her shooting style as a result of this encounter. It’s also the moment for your photographer to get to know you as a couple better; your personalities, how affectionate you are with each other, and how formal or informal your styles are. In this manner, they can put up photographs that will flatter both of you throughout your pre-wedding session and wedding day.

What Makes for a Fantastic Pre-wedding Photograph?

There are so many ways to make great engagement photographs. The excellence of an engagement album is determined by two factors for Terralogical. One is whether the photos may tell the couples’ tale, and the other is how feelings are captured by the lens. “Pictures must communicate something; who they are, how they came to be together, or where they’re going as a pair. If you’re a couple hiking in mountains, it would be lovely to have a stunning mountain backdrop.” It’s also important to note that the emotions caught in pictures provide all of their richness.

Wedding Ideas That You Could Try Before Your Wedding

Many creative couples and photographers have generated a variety of pre-wedding ideas, so many that you’ll find it difficult to choose one for yourself. Fret not; we’ll walk you through five of the most popular concepts, as well as how to execute them effectively.


The first concept is the traditional approach. The conventional idea is a concept in which you explore your cultural roots and highlight those aspects of your culture in your photographs. This style is ideal for individuals who want a traditional wedding ceremony. Indonesian brides have an advantage since Indonesia’s cultural diversity is so wide and colourful that it looks incredible in photographs.

Select a space that evokes the culture you’ve chosen to represent. Obviously, stick to traditional clothing, but keep it basic and cute. On your wedding day, save the detailed aspects for last. For images that may bring out a more genuine vibe, ask your photographer to provide black-and-white or sepia-toned versions.


The casual downplays it and takes a more modest route, unlike the flamboyant that promotes expensive outfits and destinations. Various subjects have been used in couples’ casual photoshoots, including reenacting their first encounter, showcasing their hobbies, or even what they did on their first date. Casual clothing is always a safe option for this concept, no matter what the theme is. You may wear anything that fits your situation, such as a simple dress with your partner in a shirt and pants. Just be careful not to appear too posey or unnatural, since this is a casual shoot after all.

The Glamorous

Choosing to go with a more glamorous approach implies it’s time for beautiful clothes and magnificent settings; essentially, showcasing as much class as possible through the photographs. Most likely, couples who do this sort of photoshoot are those who value elegance and refinement above all else.

Find stunning clothes to make a statement in your photographs; either in classic black-and-white or in daring hues, the choice is yours. It would be ideal if you could have a photoshoot at an iconic monument or somewhere with spectacular scenery. For the most elegant look, showcase your beautiful location as well as your dress.