What Is the Budget for a Wedding Photographer

What Is the Budget for a Wedding Photographer?

The typical cost of preserving the important memories from your beautiful wedding day

Average Costs

The wedding budget is a crucial aspect of every wedding. The average cost of an Australian wedding, as estimated, is $36,200 to $54,000. In Australia, the typical cost of hiring a photographer is $3983. Yes, that’s a lot of cash! Depending on the service and its outcomes, wedding photography costs vary from photographer to photographer and are somewhat subjective. You should remember that travel expenses, photo albums, a copy of the digital files and post-editing procedures might all be additional.

The Actual Value

A professional wedding photographer will take the time and effort to create beautiful photographs of your big day. The effort they put into your wedding pictures is not something that most newly engaged couples consider. They don’t only mean the hours they spend out and taking photos; they also include time spent on administration, setting up, preparation, and then post-editing, backing up, and uploading the images.

There’s an art to capturing a moment. Your wedding photographer knows the ins and outs of their equipment and the wedding route. Remember, you get what you pay for. A seasoned wedding photographer will be able to capture all of the important moments, including the first look, first kiss as husband and wife, ring placement, speeches, bride walking down the aisle, and so on.

Other Factors to Consider

Taking a second photographer with you to your wedding is also a good idea. Requesting second shooters from your primary photographer will provide you with the chance to get more candid photographs, and shots of family and guests, as well as shoot at various locations if you want a more holistic view of your wedding. Your second shooter isn’t there to compete with the primary; rather, they’re there to compliment him or her. In addition, they’ll be there to assist the main photographer in case things don’t go according to plan.

Furthermore, consider your pre-wedding activities. This includes bridal and couple’s showers, bachelor and bachelorette parties, groom’s bucks night and bride’s hen’s night, as well as the welcome and rehearsal dinner. These significant times should also be recorded on film. Consider hiring a photographer to document these occasions rather than just your wedding day.

There are a few services available if you are on a restricted budget. Snappr is a photography service based in Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne that links you with top-rated and pre-screened professional photographers – including those who specialize in wedding photographs! These professionals can assist you with your pre-wedding celebration as well as serve as your primary shooter during the wedding day. For $209, Snappr offers a normal shoot (three hours), while for $449, they provide a full-day shoot (seven hours). That was really cheap.

Consider how much more valuable your wedding photographs will be in the future. Consider how long you’ll want to use this service. You’re paying for a unique vision and the memories it captures, which you will treasure forever.